Watching the wheels go round and round…

By the same motorheads behind Kombi Rocks, Shoppe is an extension of our fanaticism for classic wheels. We collect scaled replicas just as enthusiastically as we do the authentic cars.

There are vehicles in 1:1 scale which we may never get to own in Singapore so we lay our hands on the replicas instead. These include muscle cars, VW crew cabs and RVs. It’s like we have a bloodlust to own a comprehensive fleet, even if it’s in an array of scales.

We started collecting GreenLight Collectibles seriously since 2010 when we realised that GL’s range of VWs surpasses those of perennial favourites, Hotwheels and Tomica. Two of our oldest collections are the Black Bandit Diorama (limited supplies left) and the Hippie VWs Diorama (sold out).

GL’s true-to-scale details impress us especially in the 1:18th scale models. We have since acquired a distributorship so that we can spread our hoarding passion with like-minded nuts, just like you.