59020A 1:64 Gone in Sixty Seconds Film Reels 4 car set


Hollywood Film Reels Series 2

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1:64 scale

Hollywood Film Reels Series 2 – Gone in Sixty Seconds (1974 – 2000)

Greenlight Hollywood takes iconic film and television vehicles from both the past and present and brings them to life with four-wheeled diecast replicas in 1:64 scale. These cars are 3″ long die cast model cars. Beautifully placed in a 7.75″ tin canister that resembles the old film reel containers. These chrome reels are inside a box. Box size: 8.5″ x 8.5″. ,,4 cars are:,1967 Ford Mustang Custom – “Eleanor”å in Grey (2000),1967 Chevroletå Corvetteå Stingray – Big Block Stacy in Red (2000),1972 Chevroletå Corvetteå Convertible in Orange (1974),1971 Dodge Charger in Green and Black (1974),


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